Mixing bowl (bell-krater)

Greek, South Italian
Classical Period
about 370–360 B.C.
Painter The Bendis Painter

Place of Manufacture: Italy, Apulia

Catalogue Raisonné

Vase-Painting in Italy (MFA), no. 016.


Height: 43 cm (16 15/16 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Ceramic, Red Figure

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Europe, The Ancient World



A: Bendis stands to the right with a spear held vertically in her right hand. She wears yellow earrings, yellow necklace, embades, a chiton, a yellow belt, a Phyrigian cap, embroidered trousers, and a sleeved tunic - appropritae garb for a goddess from barbarian Thrace. Bendis offers a drink from a yellow phiale in her left hand to a hare held by Apollo, who is seated to the left on a folded cloak. Apollo wears a white wreath, and his quiver, decorated with a wave-pattern, hangs at his left side on a baldric. In his left hand he holds a tree that does not really resemble laurel. Hermes stands at the right, wearing a petasos and chlamys, his caduceus in his lowered right hand. The chlamys is pinned at his throat by a yellow brooch. In the field above the hare is a yellow star.

B: Three youths stand clad in himatia. The one at the left holds a strigil in his extended right hand. The middle youth crowns the one on the right with a fillet. The latter holds a staff vertically in his extended right hand.

A laurel wreath circles the vase below the lip. The baseline consists of triple linked maeanders to left alternationg with saltire-squares. There are palmettes and scrolling tendrils under the handles, the roots of which are partly surrounded by tongues.

The Bendis Painter was a close associate of the Adolphseck Painter and the Painter of the Long Overfalls. Like them, he was a follower of the Tarporley Painter and worked in the Plain style. This is not his only name-vase, as several other works also represent Artemis-Bendis in oriental costume. The significance of the hare in this example is not clear. For Bendis in South Italian vase-painting, see K. Schauenburg, Jdl 89 (1974), pp. 137-86; see also Z. Goceva and D. Popov, LIMC, III, 1, pp. 95-97; III, 2, pls. 73-74.

(text from Vase-Painting in Italy, catalogue entry no. 16)


By 1936: A. Ruesch Collection, Zurich (Auction Fischer, Lucerne, 1936, lot 30); by 1958: with Münzen und Medaillen A.G., Malzgasse 25, Basel (auction 18, November 29, 1958, lot 147); February 1959: purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius C. Vermeule III from Münzen und Medaillen A.G.; loaned to MFA by Mr. and Mrs. Vermeule, August 1, 1964 (loan no. 106.64); Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius C. Vermeule III to MFA, December 7, 1983

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Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius C. Vermeule III in the Name of Cornelius Adrian Comstock Vermeule