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Mount's Bay

1868 and later
Sir Francis Seymour Haden (English, 1818–1910)

Catalogue Raisonné

Harrington (1910) 127; Schneiderman (1983) 117, VIII.


Platemark: 14 × 21.2 cm (5 1/2 × 8 3/8 in.) Sheet: 19.8 × 31.5 cm (7 13/16 × 12 3/8 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Etching and drypoint on copper (Hughes & Kimber Manuf.)

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The cancelled plate is in the collection of H. Rumbler.
“This was the first plate etched wholly in the bath.”
I (Ha). An agitated sea breaking over rocks has been etched in. In the distance is a schooner and beyond, St. Michael’s Mount and the Lizard. The sky is stormy; there is faint drypoint work between the cloud strata and heavy rain at the right.
II (Da, 2 impressions; Hb). A large diagonal wave, having a broad white crest is etched in the lower left foreground. The dark side of the wave in the lower left corner has drypoint work, but not as much as later states; there is some light work at the lower right corner. With the signature and date Seymour Haden 1868 (E, u.l.).
III (Db?, 1 impression; Hc). Additional drypoint shading on the left side of diagonal wave in the lower left.
IV. New work reduces the width of the broad white crest of the diagonal wave in the lower left. The center foreground of this wave removed and a few drypoint lines added in this area, but otherwise the lower center is bare of work. Light drypoint shading added to the right foreground. Shading at the center beginning to depict the curl of a broad wave in the center foreground.
V (Hd). Drypoint lines between strata in sky disappearing. Additional drypoint on white wave which makes it darker, especially in the foreground and on left side. Additional curving lines at lower left corner. The curl of the broad wave in lower center is better defined with curving drypoint strokes from the lower edge of the plate. A highlight burnished at the center of the new curl at the foreground center, and additional drypoint work on either side of the highlight.
VI (He). The new curl in the lower center removed and redrawn so that the wave begins to curl over the top.
VII (Hf). The wave reworked with drypoint, the previous work made richer and the diagonal of the wave extends to the lower right corner. Burnishing of some drypoint work 30 mm. from the bottom of the plate.
VIII (Hg). Additional drypoint work in the immediate foreground towards the right, most notably on the curl and in the lower right corner. - THIS IS THE MFA’S.
IX (H1). The shaded side of the wave in the lower left made darker with drypoint. Much additional drypoint near the crest and near the curl in the lower center. The lower right considerably changed as previous work removed and the lower right corner generally clear, though the trough is dark.
X. The plate cancelled
Schneiderman (1983) p. 247.


In plate: u.l.Seymour Haden 1868; on sheet: l.r. Seymour Haden


In plate: u.l.Seymour Haden 1868; on sheet: l.r. Seymour Haden


PDP Register entry: Date acquired, 7/11/1935

Credit Line

Bequest of Mrs. Henry Lee Higginson