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Native American (Santo Domingo Pueblo)
about 1985
Tony Aguilar (Native American, born in 1919), Ernestine Aguilar (Native American, 1932–1996)

Object Place: Santo Domingo, New Mexico, United States


Overall: 73.3cm (28 7/8in.) Other: 3.5cm (1 3/8in.)

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Medium or Technique

Turquoise, jet, serpentinite, pipestone (argillite), white/yellow shell (Ethiopian or Melon Whelk; Volutopsius melonis), wrought brass barrels, and white/yellowithorange/red/purple disks (Spiny Oyster; Thorny Oyster Family; Spondylidae, Spondylus americanus)

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Americas, Contemporary Art, Jewelry


Necklaces and neck bands

Massive necklace consisting of flat beads whose diameter gets smaller toward the ends. Two conical brass elements lead from the beads to a brass hook and eye closure. Two cylindrical barrel beads are present, one on each side of the necklace. They are studded with four bezels holding flat-cut turquoise. All brass elements bear stamped designs. Small round brass beads are added between the beads in the lower part of the necklace.


Stamped on brass cone: A [with crossbar at top]


1985, sold by the artists to the MFA. (Accession Date: September 24, 1985)

Credit Line

Museum purchase with funds donated by a friend of the Department of American Decorative Arts and Sculpture