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Part of a woman's costume



35 x 80 cm (13 3/4 x 31 1/2 in.); Legacy dimension: .80 x .35

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Europe, Textiles and Fashion Arts



Central part is woven with red, green, and dark blue wool, and silver thread. On one end a heavy decoration of silver braid, gold cord, red, light blue, green, yellow and white cloth; silver and bright colored tassels hang from the lower edge, on the other end heavy blue cloth, two corners of which are decorated with silver braid, and red cloth. Part of the costume of Bulgarian and Mohammedan women, who fastened them on their shoulders, letting one hang down in front, and the other behind. This description of their origin and use was given by Fani Noli, an Albanian, in 1907.


Bought by donor of Vantine & Co., New York, for $6.00.

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Denman Waldo Ross Collection