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Perfume bottle, stopper with attached wand, funnel and stand (bottle)

around 2013
Elsa Peretti (Italian, born in 1940), For Tiffany & Co. (American, active 1837–present)


Overall (Bottle): 4.9 × 3.2 × 2.2 cm (1 15/16 × 1 1/4 × 7/8 in.) Height x width (Stopper): 1.3 × 2.5 cm (1/2 × 1 in.) Length x width: 4.1 cm (1 5/8 in.) Height x width (Funnel): 2.2 × 1.4 cm (7/8 × 9/16 in.)

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Sterling Silver, onyx, red jasper, rock crystal, and silk

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This is a set of 4 pieces, base or stand, funnel, bottle and bottle stopper.

The bottle has a rounded shape with an oval shaped bottom. The bottle appears to be made of clear rock crystal or glass. The oval bottom has some chips in the crystal. Carved into the center top and into the bottle is a small hollowed out space that you would fill with perfume. Attached to the top of the bottle is a neck of sterling silver with grooves where the stopper would screw on.

The stopper is made from a brick colored red jasper with a silver wand attached. The wand has grooves on the top of the so that it screws on tightly to the bottle.

The funnel is made of sterling silver with a black silk cord and tassle attached to a hole on the top rim of the wide opening.

The base or stand is a flat oval, 1/4 inch thick and made of black onyx.


The silver stem of the stopper is stamped with "Tiffany & Co." and the copyright sign "Elsa Peretti" in script and the numbers 925 signifying it is sterling silver.

Under the onyx base is a small silver oval stamped the same, but includes a line underneath "China 925." The 925 signifies that the metal is sterling silver.

The funnel has a 925 at the edge of the wide opening, aging signifying that the metal is sterling silver. The funnel does not have the markings of Tiffany or Elsa Peretti.


By 2014, an anonymous private collector; 2017, anonymous gift to the MFA. (Accession date: January 18, 2017)

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Anonymous gift