Pitcher (oinochoe)

Greek, South Italian
Late Classical to Early Hellenistic Period
About 340–320 B.C.

Place of Manufacture: Italy, Apulia

Catalogue Raisonné

Vase-Painting in Italy (MFA), no. 030.


16.6 cm (6 9/16 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Ceramic, Red figure

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Europe, The Ancient World



On shoulder a seated female figure with a typmanum and a male figure with thyrsus in one hand and a bowl in the other. Some use of added white in relief.
Large enclosed palmettes are on either side of the handle, filling the rest of the shoulder.

Attributed to the Liverpool Group (Padgett)
about 340-320 B.C.
On the shoulder, a female with a tympanum in her right hand and a nude youth with a thyrsos in his left hand and a phiale in the right are both seated to the left on low rocks. The woman wears a kekryphalos, necklace, earring, and bracelets, all in white, as well as a chiton. She turns her head to look back at the youth. He has a white fillet around his head and sits upon his cloak. A quadrated disk floats in the field at right.
Large enclosed palmettes are on either side of the handle, filling the rest of the shoulder. There are rays around the base of the neck and dotted egg-pattern around the shoulder flange. A small upright palmette is at the base of the handle, and there are two poorly cast heads of Silenos where the handle joins the spout. A delicate vine of ivy, with incised vine and yellow leaves and berries, runs around the body.
The shape and breadth, the incised ivy vine, the large enclosed palmettes, and the drawing of the woman’s drapery indicate an origin within the Liverpool Group; compare Bonn 110 (CVA Bonn 3, pl. 30, 3-7); and Turin 4548 (CVA Torino 1, pl. 18, 2; RVAp, II, p. 638, no. 21/373). The Liverpool Group, associated with the Tarentine workshops of the Darius and Underworld Painters, comprises mostly smaller vessels; cups, jugs, pelikai, lebetes gamikoi, and epichyseis.


E. M. Raymond Collection; February 13, 1908, gift of E. M. Raymond to the MFA.

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Gift of E. M. Raymond