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S. M. S., No. 4 (August), 1968 (Fourth Issue)



27.94 x 17.78 cm (11 x 7 in.)

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Contemporary Art, Prints and Drawings



11 multiples contained in a printed heavy folder, stored in a white cardboard shipping carton. Folder cover: Robert Stanley (printed in a black and white design). Arman Fernandez, Tortured Color (plexigalss, 8 washers, 4 screws, 4 wing-nuts, 1 tube labled: “merdcolor”, 1 sheet with instructions for assembly printed in black, 1 small sheet with instructions in red, in a plastic bag). Paul Bergtold, Concept: Bergtold (12 photocopies in pink tracing paper). John Cage, Diary: How to Improve the World (you will only make matters worse) continued 1968 (10 sheets of white paper printed on both sides with multicolored text, in plastic folder). Hollis Frampton, Phenakistiscope (rotary disc with hands and face printed in black and pink). On Kawara, 100 Year Old Calendar (Calendar pinrted in red on yellow vinyl-coated paper). Roy LIchtenstein, Folded Hat (plastic hat folded in half, printed in blue, red and yellow on white). Lil Picard, Burned Bow-Tie (maroon bow-tie with white polka dots, partially burned and placed in plastic bag). Rotella, 6 Prison Poems (reproduction of postcard, 4 reproductions of poems on gray “Trinciato Nazionale” cigarette box wrappers, reproduction of black felt-tip drawing on white paper and reproduction of explanatory text on yellow-lined paper). Robert Watts, Parking Meter Sticker (decal of a parking meter shaped like an eye with peelable back). Princess Winifred, Asylum Manuscripts (pencil text and drawings reproduced on 6 sheets of tan paper, folded in half). La Monte Young, Excerpts from “Drift Study 4:37:40 - 5:09:50 5 VIII 69” with cover drawing for tape container by Marian Zazeela (cassette tape in black box - this is placed outside of the folder). Map showing the sequence of insertion of objects. Table on contents listing the artists and titles of the multiples, folded in half, printed black on one side and white on the other c. 1968. Letter Edged in Black Press Inc. printed at the bottom.

Credit Line

William A. Sargent Fund