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S. M. S., No. 5 (Octover), 1968 (Fifth Issue)



27.94 x 18.1 x 1.27 cm (11 x 7 1/8 x 1/2 in.)

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Not On View


Contemporary Art, Prints and Drawings



12 multiples contained in a printed heavy paper folder, stored in a white cardboard shipping carton. Folder cover: Congo, (a Chimpanzee) (pink, black, maroon and gold on exterior, with drawings on inside cover by William Anthony, titled Custer’s Last Stand). Wall Batterton, Splendid Person (photomontage of man and 6 newspaper clippings). Edward Fitzgerald, Twenty-Four Still Lifes (2 sheets of 24 stamps). Neil Jenny, Bux Americana (4 randomly stapled pages of drawings and text contained within a newsprint folder). Angus MacLise, The inner Pages (five folded sheets of paper, showing orange cut-outs with text written in black and green marker). Bruce Nauman, Footsteps (black and white folded instruction sheet explaining how to play the encolsed magnetic tape). Mel Ramos, Candy (assembly cut-out depicting Baby Ruth candy bars, on one side, and woman shown from front and back, on the other side). Robert Rohm, Cut corners (3 shaped silver boards and sheet of instrctions). William Schwedler, Against the Grain (folder with attached fold-out stairs, ladder and sheet of instructions). Diane Wakoski, The Magellanic Clouds (Target image of person pointing gun, with poem on reverse side). Larry Wiener, Turf, Stake and String (clear plastic sticker covering). Yoko Ono, Mend Piece for John (Tube of glue, poem, rubber band, ribbon and instruction sheet placed inside a plastic bag, and all of which is placed inside a white cardboard slipcase). The Barber’s Shop, Reflections on Picasso’s Gift to the People of Chicago (florescent orange folder containing numberous items: Newspaper xeroxes, letter, “Exhibits” envelope, “Legal Opinion” booklet, postcard…) map showing the sequence of insertion of objects. Table of contents listing the artists and titles of the multiples, printed on cashier’s Guest Check.

Credit Line

William A. Sargent Fund