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S. M. S., No. 6 (December), 1968 (Sixth Issue)



27.94 x 17.78 cm (11 x 7 in.)

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Contemporary Art, Prints and Drawings



12 multiples contained in a printed heavy paper folder, stored in a white carboard whipping carton. Folder cover: Richard Artschwager (white with small black oval printed over black-dotted oval). Ed Bereal, Self Portrait (image of Frankenstein, doctor and assistant printed in orange). Deiter Rot, Chocolate Bar (4 cardboard rectangles of bright multicolored images and text, all held between light blue glossy paper with paperclip). Betty Dodson, Friends (image of black and white drawing of a naked man and woman, placed between pink plastic sheets). Ronaldo Ferri, Neon Construction (1 square piece of silver metallic cardboard, 1 folded sheet of graph paper with diagram and text of instructions, 13 silver metallic circles and 5 lucite braces, all placed in a plastic bag). Toby Mussman, Ten Xerox Sheets (10 xerox sheets of paper displaying images of people, buildings and text, held together by a paperclip). Adrian Nutbeam, Twenty Down (white, gray and black piece of carboard depicting: geometric design on left, the numbers 1-20 listed vertically in center, and hoizontal white and gray stripes on right). Claes Oldenburg, Unattended Lunches (7 typed sheets titled “First” to “Seventh Unattenable Lunch”, all folded in half and tied with a thin piece of rope, 1 plain envelope set in between folded sheets). Mischa Petrow, Junior Historical Theatre Playroom Kit (14 x 11 in. piece of cardboard, folded in half with punched-out images of 3 armored bodies combined with faces, antique bathtub, stone column and stone lion, 3 plastic bags stapled to cardboard containing glitter, plastic gun, knife, axe and rifle). Jean Reavey, Adora (silver metallic book sealed by two round stickers stating “Adora, A Diadram by Jean Reavey”, 8 sheets of gray paper on the inside). Paul Steiner, Johns in Art Galleries (24 recipe cards: 8 green, 8 orange, and 8 blue, held together by an elastic band). Bernar Venet, Astrophysics (cardboard graphpaper folder with printed data and graphs, 1 phono record placed on the inside). John Giorno, Chinese Fortune Game (black folder containing 3 sets of 12 rectangular cardboard pieces: 1 backed in flourescent green, one in flourescent pink and one in flourescent blue, 1 glossy carboard booklet listing instructions - this is placed outside of the folder). Map showing the sequence of insertion of objects. Table of contents listing the artists and titles of the multiples, printed in black on a piece of folded white paper with a card placed inside stating: “The publishers of The Letter Edged in Black Press, Inc. regretfully announce that his is the last issue of S. M. S. that will appear”.

Credit Line

William A. Sargent Fund