Scaraboid with lion attacking wild goat

Archaic Period
550–500 B.C.


Length: 15.5 x 12.8 mm (5/8 x 1/2 in.)

Accession Number


Medium or Technique

Glass paste

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Jewelry, The Ancient World


Scarabs and scaraboids

Dark blue glass paste. Imitation scaraboid with intaglio on flat face and horizontal ridge down the back. A lion attacks a wild goat, sinking its jaws into the animal from behind. The lion is on the left, and the goat faces right. Given the extensive pitting of the gem’s surface, it is difficult to make out much of the lion’s body, which seems to meld with the goat’s, but its tail is discernable, as well as its hind legs. The lion is depicted in an Orientalizing fashion, with its stylized mane rendered with a series of hatch marks. The edges of the gem are very rough and chipped, and the back surface and sides are very pitted. It is pierced horizontally for mounting or suspension.


Said to be from near Mersin, Turkey on MFA archival card; by date unknown: Burton Y. Berry Collection; gift to MFA from Burton Y. Berry in Memory of Michel Chiha of Beirut, October 15, 1969

Credit Line

Gift of Burton Y. Berry in memory of Michel Chiha of Beirut