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Designed by Hermès (French, founded in 1837)


Length x width: 41.9 x 41.9 cm (16 1/2 x 16 1/2 in.)

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Europe, Textiles and Fashion Arts



Maroon scarf. Large white, flower-like shape divided into three sections by three thin flower-like borders (the borders are periwinkle with a stripe of yellow on each side). In the center of the large flower shape is a short and rounded perfume bottle. In the middle section there is a pattern of tall, cylindrical perfume bottles that alternate with gold and silver perfume caps. In the outer section there is a pattern of small oval and rectangular perfume bottles that alternate with larger round perfume bottles. The perfume bottles are decorated with various designs, and are a variety of colors. Some colors include: yellow, maroon, pink, periwinkle, gold, silver, grey, blue, and green (mostly in jewel tones).


Before 2011, acquired by Evelyn H. Lauder (b. 1936 - d. 2011); 2011, given by inheritance to her husband, Leonard A. Lauder, New York, NY; 2013, gift of Lauder to the MFA. (Accession date: June 26, 2013)

Credit Line

The Evelyn H. Lauder Fashion Collection—Gift of Leonard A. Lauder