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Series of eight cartoons as Illustrations to "Punch"

Phil May (English, 1864–1903)

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Proof sheet of eight cartoons Photo-mechanical relief reproduction

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1. “Fashionable Tenor - ‘You must excuse me if I don’t ask you for a dance this evening, Miss Jones, you see I’m asked out such a lot, and I must take care of myself for the sake of others.’”
2. “Fortune Teller: ‘You will be very poor until you are thirty-five years of age.’”
“Our Impecunious Poet (eagerly): ‘And after then?’” “Fortune Teller: ‘You will get used to it.’”
3. “Old Lady from the Country - ‘Oh! Is that ‘im? No wonder ‘e ain’t married!’”
4. “Ladies Only - Third Class Carriage”
5. “In the Provinces” Speedy little chap (to actor): “Excuse me, Mr. A, - but I’m the editor of ‘Entertainment!’ “
6. “Farmer Brown - ‘There’s some dogs as has more intelligence that their masters’ Farmer Muggus - ‘Why, I’ve got one of them there sort myself’ ”
7. “How Beautiful!” “London Types, Saffron Hill”
8. “A Leader of Fashion - Mrs. Jacobs: ‘Just ‘cause I goes and buys a few feathers, you goes and copies my ‘at!’”


Harold Hartley, England (1851-1943): to Sir Harold Hartley, London, England (1878-1972); from whom purchased by MFA April 14,1955.

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John H. and Ernestine A. Payne Fund