Requires Photography

Series of eight cartoons as Illustrations to "Punch"

Phil May (English, 1864–1903)

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Medium or Technique

Photomechanical relief reproduction

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1. “What is she singing?” “I think it’s something by schoolbead.”
2. “Souvenir of Broadway”
3. “Dutch Girl”
4. “Excuse me, but is your name Pole Carew?” “Begorale, no! It’s Pat Murphy. What makes you think I’m Pole Carew?” “Because I heard he was the handsomest man in the army.”
5. “A Christmas Carol”
6. Parson: “I’m afraid, General, that your old prisoner, Adams, is addicted to drink.” The General (who is not a Bigoted Teetotaler): “What! On seven and six pence a week, impossible! I must raise it to ten shillings!” (Does so at once)
7. ” ‘Ave you got a pin, please, mister?”
8. Nervous Pianist (to Great Tenor, who’s three encores have taken up the interval): “O, please, Mr. O’Donnel, is the audience still there?”


Harold Hartley, England (1851-1943): to Sir Harold Hartley, London, England (1878-1972); from whom purchased by MFA April 14,1955.

Credit Line

John H. and Ernestine A. Payne Fund