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Shell bracelets

Nubian (Pan-Grave)
Pan-Grave Period
1640–1550 B.C.


See Description field. Overall: average 1 x 2 cm (3/8 x 13/16 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Shell, (mother-of-pearl)

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Jewelry, The Ancient World


Bracelets and armlets

Rectangular plaques for armbands. Bored at both ends for stringing.
Type a) Pearly white shell plaques 18 total, measuring 2.1 L x 1.4 W
Type b) Pearly white shell plaques 12 total, measuring 2.5 L x 1.3 W
Type c) Pearly white shell plaques 34 total, measuring 2.0 L x 1.0 W
Type d) Narrow and thin brown shell beads 57 total, measuring 2.2 L x 0.5 W
Type e) 12 ring beads dia.0.5. Note in box questions if they are actually part of 03.1696


Said to be from Naqada. 1903: purchased for the MFA from Mohamed Mohassib, Luxor, Egypt by Albert M. Lythgoe as part of a group ( 03.1693-03.1696) for £2. (Accession date: January 1, 1903).

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Emily Esther Sears Fund