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Sink and Mirror

Lavabo y espejo

Antonio López García (Spanish, born in 1936)


38 1/2 x 33 in. (44 1/4 x 39 x 2 1/4 in. overall)

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Medium or Technique

Oil on wood

Not On View


Contemporary Art, Europe



López García studied art in Madrid in the 1950s and lived there after 1960, becoming an instructor at his alma mater, the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando. He has influenced generations of artists as a leader of the Spanish Realists, known for their unyielding depictions of their surroundings and for the long history of painting from which they have evolved. López García’s paintings and sculptures demonstrate not only his keen powers of observation, but also his extraordinary sensitivity to atmosphere and light.

Interior spaces are a recurring theme in López García’s work, particularly the interior of his own studio and bathroom. Though he was initially captivated by the emptiness of his new studio, in Sink and Mirror López captures traces of his own presence. The objects arranged on the shelf below the mirror serve as an autobiographical assemblage that stands in for the (absent) reflection in the mirror. The artist’s near-obsessive attention to perspective, as hinted by the vertical and horizontal lines of the tiles, cause a rift in the painting’s composition; in order to avoid a terribly inclined perspective, López divided the scene into two views, keeping the traces of process as a mediating buffer in the center.


Consigned by the artist to Staempfli Gallery, New York; about 1968, purchased by Melvin N. Blake (b. 1927 - d. 1999) and Frank M. Purnell (b. 1930 - d. 1994), New York; 2003, gift of the estate of Melvin Blake to MFA. (Accession Date: January 22, 2003)

Credit Line

Melvin Blake and Frank Purnell Collection


Reproduced with permission.