Statue of a man

Cypriote or modern
Archaic Period or modern
about 525 B.C.

Catalogue Raisonné

Sculpture in Stone (MFA), no. 011; Sculpture in Stone and Bronze (MFA), p. 106 (additional published references).


Height: 75 cm (29 1/2 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Limestone, close-grained, cream-colored

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The Ancient World



The somewhat under life-sized nude figure probably stood with the left leg advanced. His left arm is held close to his side, joining at the hip. Traces on the hip show that his right arm was bent and also advanced. The hand may have held an attribute.
Over the forehead the strands of bearded hair end in spirals, curing inward on either side of the central parting. The hair at the back falls in a broad mass, standing out at both sides and cut off square at the base of the neck. A plain, flat fillet encircles the head. A mustache may have been indicated in color on the smooth upper lip. The body is poorly proportioned by usual kouros standards, with broad, heavy shoulders, a narrow flat abdomen, and arms of almost simian shape.
The legs from the middle of the thighs, the right forearm, the left hand, and the tip of the nose are missing. The head and part of the right arm have been broken off and reattached. An injury in the region of the left breast has been repaired with some restoration in plaster. The surfaces are slightly crusty and vary in color from an iron brown to light yellow.


Lent by Denman W. Ross, Aug. 19, 1914. Said to have been found on one of the Greek islands.

Credit Line

Denman Waldo Ross Collection