Statuette of Eros as Harpocrates carrying a cornucopia

Greek, East Greek
Hellenistic or Imperial Period
1st century B.C. or 1st century A.D.

Catalogue Raisonné

Burr, Terra-cottas from Myrina (MFA), no. 018.


37.4 cm (14 3/4 in.)

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The Ancient World



Statuette of winged Eros-Harpokrates standing; from Myrina. He has his weight on his left leg; with his left hand he holds a cornucopia and in his right hand he has a patera decorated with an incised five-petalled flower. He wears a panther skin (nebris)on his shoulders tied in a reef knot on his left breast and a piece of drapery over his right arm, left shoulder and down his left side. His hair is curled at the back of his neck and rolled up on the top of his forehead with the ends brushed downwards; upon the roll there is an oval ornament between two horns and a disk at its base; behind that, on Eros’s head, lies a wreath with vine-leaves and fruit and over that a thick wreath bound with a broad fillet the ends of which fall on his shoulders. He wears bracelets and anklets and a band round his left thigh. He has wings on the back and also a disk on his right shoulder at the base of the wing. The cornucopia is ribbed at the lower part, however the upper part is in relief, showing a Nike (Victory) standing under a hanging garland upon a palmette, between curling leaves.

There is no apparent flesh colour; some traces of pink on drapery and nipples; yellow with gilding on patera, on disks, on head and shoulder; brown on hair; red inside the cornucopia and black on relief. Missing, end of drapery over right arm, piece of fillet on left shoulder, tips of horns, one foot of nebris and fruit on wreath. The right ear is omitted.

Light red clay.


By 1900: with Edward Perry Warren (according to Warren's records: [00.321 and 00.322] were bought from Smyrna. [They were] from Myrina and belonged to A. Fontrier of Smyrna); purchased by MFA from Edward Perry Warren, February 1900

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Henry Lillie Pierce Fund