Tablet with cuneiform inscription

Near Eastern, Mesopotamian, Sumerian
Ur III Period
2112–2004 B.C.


Length: 1.3 cm (1/2 in.)

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Clay tablet depicting seated deity with right hand raised and standing figure. Crescent and star above, inscription in Sumerian cuneiform listing quantities of various kinds of wines and beers, flour, rice, barley and other grains, honey, oil, milk, dates and unknown commodities. Also listed are vessels to contain flour and bread, received as offerings by the giri temple official Lu-Ninshubur. Seal impression of Lu-ib-?, a scribe. Dated the first year of King Shu-Sin, Third Dynasty of Ur.


1 10.4.0 kás sig5 gur
2 8.0.3 lá sìla dida sig5 gur
3 sìla dida gin gur
4 0.1.0 kás gin
5 sìla zì sik(KAL) gur
6 1/2 sìla eša gur
7 sìla tapin gur
8 0.0.3 še sa-a
9 0.0.3 gig sa-a
10 0.0.3 še in-nu-ha sa-a
11 sìla 10 gìn làl
12 1/2 sìla ì-nun
13 sìla ga-àra
14 0.0.3 lá sìla ga-u4
15 0.3.2 lá sìla su11-lum
16 0.0.3 gú-gal sa-a
17 0.0.3 gú-tur sa-a
18 40 duk-zì-da
19 399 duk-ninda 1-sìla
20 315 duk-sìla sà-dug4
21 siskur (AMARxŠE.AMARxŠE) zi-ga á u4-da
22 gìri Lú-^dNin-subaru
23 kišib Hu-wa-wa
24 mu ^dŠu-^dSuen lugala

dumu Ur-gi6-para(KISAL)
gudá ^dInanna


By 1927: with Mrs. Tooker; 1927: purchased by the MFA from Mrs. Tooker for $5.
(Accession Date: July 7, 1927)

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Frederick Brown Fund