Tetradrachm of Kingdom of Parthia with bust of Mithradates II

Hellenistic Period
123–88/7 B.C.

Mint: Parthia (Kingdom), Seleukeia-on-the-Tigris (Babylonia)

Catalogue Raisonné

Brett, Greek Coins (MFA), no. 2216.


Diameter: 31 mm. Weight: 15.70 gm.

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Ancient Near East Gallery (Gallery 110)


The Ancient World



Obverse: Bust of Mithradates II to left with long pointed beard, diadem with long ends, and cuirass.
Border of dots.
Reverse: Arsakes I, in military dress, seated right on omphalos and holding bow.
In field at right, palm-branch.
Inscription in Greek at left, above, at right, and below.

Struck under Mithradates II (123-88/7 B.C.).


Said to have come from a hoard found near Bagdad; by 1926: with Ars Classica, 31 Quai du Mont-Blanc and Naville & Cie., 6 & 8 rue Pécolat, Geneva, Switzerland (Naville auction 12, October 18-23, Hôtel Schweizerhof, Lucerne, Switzerland, lot 2172 [as Dr. Adler Collection, Bagdad]); by date unknown: U.S. Private Collection; April 4, 1935: Anonymous gift to MFA in memory of Zoë Wilbour (1864–1885)

Credit Line

Anonymous gift in memory of Zoë Wilbour (1864–1885)