Tetradrachm of Syracuse with quadriga

Early Classical Period
479–474 B.C.

Mint: Sicily, Syracuse

Catalogue Raisonné

Brett, Greek Coins (MFA), no. 0357.


Diameter: 27 mm. Weight: 17.26 gm.

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Medium or Technique


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Europe, The Ancient World



Obverse: Quadriga right, horses walking, driven by charioteer holding three reins and goad in right hand, three reins in left hand. Above, Nike flying right. crowning them.
In exergue, lion running right.
Border of dots.
Reverse: Head of Arethusa to right, laureate, wearing earring and plain necklace with jewel, below which, a dotted line. Hair waved in front, turned up at back, one loose lock behind ear; ends of hair gathered up and tied with double cord.
Around whole, four dolphins.
Inscription in Greek.


Cat. Hess, 1902, no. 446.
MFA records indicate this coin came from the Canon Greenwell Collection; July 1902: acquired from Canon Greenwell Collection by Edward Perry Warren; September 1904: purchased by MFA from Edward Perry Warren

Regling does not list this coin as a Greenwell piece and cites Cat. Hess. 1902, no. 446 as does Brett.

Credit Line

Henry Lillie Pierce Fund