The Syllable Ho: Courtesans (of the Tamaya): Utamachi, kamuro Nioi and Matsushi; Hanamurasaki, kamuro Yoshino and Tatsuta; and Wakamurasaki, kamuro Ategi and Inuki; from the book Azuma nishiki matsu no kurai (High-ranking Courtesans of Edo)

東錦太夫の位(あづまにしきまつのくらい) 「ほ」 (玉屋内) 「うたまち、にほひ、まつし」 「花紫、よしの、たつた」 「若むらさき、あてき、いぬき」

Edo period
1777 (An'ei 6)
Artist Isoda Koryûsai (Japanese, 1735–1790), Publisher Urokogataya Magobei (Japanese)

Catalogue Raisonné

The book: Hizô Ukiyo-e taikan/Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collections 3, British Museum III (1987), pls. 194-204; another page (ri): TNM Ukiyo-e cat. I (1960), #675


Vertical koban; 21.9 x 15.8 cm (8 5/8 x 6 1/4 in.)

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Medium or Technique

Woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and color on paper

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Asia, Prints and Drawings



Left half of a two-page spread, with the name of the house on the right page.


(this page unsigned)


Spring 1913, purchased by William S. and John T. Spaulding from Frank Lloyd Wright in Japan; December 1, 1921, given by William S. and John T. Spaulding to the Museum.

Credit Line

William S. and John T. Spaulding Collection