Turtle-shaped palette

Predynastic Period
Naqada I–III, 3850–2960 B.C.

Findspot: Egypt, Tukh


Legacy dimension: Length: .105 m. W. .076 m. TH. .011 m.

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The Ancient World


Tools and equipment

In the shape of a turtle; eye holes drilled, inlay now lost, but traces of adhesive remain; hole for suspension near neck is in the wrong place. Turtle figures usually have a suspension hole on the hind part of the animal. No legs [legs are usually indicated by incising around edge, or as projections].
Flat use surface is the face that should have the eye detail, etc. On this object, the convex face bears the head’s details. The manufacture marks as well as the material seem suspicious [could just be strong patina, but vein of lighter color on top face seems odd].


Findspot Information: From Tukh. Exp.Ph. O.S. B 9887 / B 9892
Purchased by Albert M. Lythgoe; January, 1901. Brought from Harvard Camp in 1947

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Brought from Harvard Camp