Arguably the most influential artist of the 20th century, Duchamp was also a shrewd manager of his image — to the bedazzlement of many who have written about him. This groundbreaking biography presents him in all his contradictions and weighs his real contribution to art. Using unpublished sources and interviews, Alice Goldfarb Marquis separates the artist from the con artist, determining who Duchamp really was and just how profound an influence he has been.

Editorial Reviews
“Indispensable … Ms. Marquis's book is the one anyone inclined to explore this subject should read first … the most sober appraisal yet of this artist” (Washington Times).
“A sane and sensible guide to the continually puzzling paradox of Duchamp … an excellent beginning point for readers who have seen some of the work and want to know more about man and myth” (Publishers Weekly).
“A refreshingly straightforward and informative chronicle … well paced, clearly put, and rich with personal insights” (Choice).
“A noteworthy addition to Duchamp scholarship” (Library Journal).