MFA Gallery Instructors provide guided learning experiences through art from across cultures and time periods that engage K–12 students from greater Boston and beyond. Gallery Instructors promote discovery, new ways of looking, and critical thinking by facilitating interactive Museum tours uniquely relevant to our visiting students. Gallery Instructors delight all students by awakening the joy of learning through art, building confidence in expressive abilities, providing new tools to enhance museum experiences, and demonstrating connections between art and life.

We are looking for a new class of Gallery Instructors in Training (GITs) to join our community of 120 actively touring GIs. We are seeking candidates to form a cohort of GITs that represents the racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity of our student visitors. The recruitment process begins in January 2019 with information sessions, followed with applications and interviews in the spring of 2019. The new class will begin initial training in September 2019 and begin leading tours in early 2020. All applicants must attend an informational session in order to be considered.


  • Completion of initial training (9 am–Noon for 18 sessions on Fridays, September 20, 2019–February 14, 2020)
  • Minimum two-year commitment as a Gallery Instructor, teaching one weekday morning per week during the school year after satisfactory completion of initial training program
  • Annual attendance at three GI Program Business Meetings per year (September, February, June)
  • Completion of one collection course within two years of completion of initial training (Thursdays 1–4 pm); interest in completing additional collection courses
  • Participation in a biannual review process


  • Enthusiasm for working with K–12 students (no professional teaching experience required)
  • A love of learning and an interest in art from a wide range of time periods and cultures (no art historical/studio experience required)
  • Demonstrated communication and observation skills
  • An interest in facilitating conversations with a wide range of student visitors representing diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds and differing abilities
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Flexibility and a sense of humor

Informational Sessions

All interested candidates must attend one of the three scheduled informational sessions in order to be considered for application. These sessions are scheduled for:

  • Friday, January 18, 10:15 am–Noon
  • Friday, January 25, 10:15 am–Noon
  • Wednesday, January 30, 7–8:45 pm

To register for a session or for additional information about the volunteer Gallery Instructor position, please e-mail:




Part Time


5.00 - 10.00 hours per week

As assigned (within Mon–Fri, 9 am–4 pm) upon completion of training
Training includes 18 Friday sessions (9 am–Noon) September 19, 2019 through February 14, 2020

*Must attend one of the information sessions: Fri, Jan 18, 10:15 am–Noon; Fri, Jan 25, 10:15 am–Noon; Wed, Jan 30, 7–8:45 pm


January 2, 2019