Join the MFA for a free, live stream program for students learning remotely. This 30-minute, live interactive program* connects an MFA educator with students to explore works of art from the Museum’s collection.

Step back into the Age of the Pyramid and see artworks discovered during the MFA’s early 20th-century excavations at Giza. Focusing on King Menkaura’s reign, students will explore how pharaohs were represented in works of art and learn about Menkaura’s pyramid complex where these objects were excavated.

Follow the link to preregister for the program with the MFA’s partner Streamable Learning. Teachers wishing to enroll their students may register with their e-mail and distribute the registration confirmation to students to ensure student privacy. A Streamable Learning account is not required to register for these programs.

*Live-streaming programs utilize Zoom. Attendees are not visible, cannot be heard, and cannot share questions or comments publicly. Questions and comments can be shared with the MFA educator via chat. To access you will be required to download Zoom.

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