Five-hundred-year-old Ottoman music tradition owes a lot to the contribution of women composers, performers and teachers of Turkish music. The oldest documentations and illustrations of women performing music from the Ottoman era date back to the 16th century and throughout the centuries women have continued to enrich the tradition with their invaluable art.

This concert program, performed by violinist Ceren Turkmenoglu, will highlight works of Turkish-Ottoman women composers alongside other main works of Turkish classical music repertoire, featuring traditional instruments such as rebab and bendir, alongside violin and voice.  


CEREN TURKMENOGLU is a versatile musician; a classical violinist, a multi-instrumentalist in Turkish music and an explorer of ethnomusicology.

She studied in Ankara State Conservatory, Turkey and Hochschule für Musik und Theater Leipzig, Germany. In 2011, she began working in Ankara State Opera and Ballet Orchestra and in 2015, in Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra. In 2017, she moved to Boston where she leads an active musical life performing in solo recitals, chamber music ensembles and orchestras such as Boston Philharmonic Orchestra. She received her master’s degree from Longy School of Music Bard College.

Apart from her classical music career, she is a performer of Turkish music and performs on traditional instruments besides violin. Through her music, she aims to revive the traditional roots and bring out the interconnections in between cultures. Her project 'Music from Where the Sun Rises', that focuses on Turkish classical music, was awarded the Live Arts Boston grant from The Boston Foundation twice.

Through her project ‘Strings Around the World’ she explores different cultures’ music through their traditional string instruments. Her recent trip to Tuva, Central Asia, to research about Tuvan music and string instruments, was funded by a grant from Women’s Travel Club, Boston, and she presented her studies at the American Musicological Society meeting.

Past Dates and Times

Wednesday, October 9, 2019