Tuesday, December 31, 2019
10:00 am–4:00 pm
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Free with Museum Admission

Occurs daily Thursday–Tuesday, December 26–31, 10 am–4 pm

After December 21, the days are actually getting longer and the sun gets brighter! To celebrate the sparkling winter season, explore the Museum’s art inspired by light and participate in free activities to create your own brilliant artwork.

To make your visit even easier, the Museum is offering holiday free admission December 26 through 31, 2019, to all visitors who present an active Bank of America or Merrill Lynch debit or credit card and a valid photo ID, thanks to the Bank of America Museums on Us Program.

Art-Making Activities

Reflected Light

10 am–4 pm, Education Center in Druker Family Pavilion, Room 159

First, visit the artwork Pentagon by Monir Farmanfarmaian in the Arts of Islamic Cultures Gallery, 175. This mosaic is made using a Persian technique in which small pieces of mirrored glass are put together. Look at how the tiny mirrors reflect light, then head to Room 159 make your own mosaic.

Light from Above

10 am–4 pm, Gallery 233

Rainbows are formed when light bends and reflects through water. In Gallery 233, look carefully at the painting Blue Niagara by George Inness. Can you see the rainbow? Find other paintings with rainbows. Using colored pencils, Create your own artwork using colored pencils inspired by water and light, and fill it with a rainbow.

Light of the Sun

10 am–4 pm, Shapiro Family Courtyard

Ancient Nubia, located in what is today the Sudanese Nile Valley, was called the “golden lands” by Egyptians. The color gold is often associated with the light of the sun. Visit the exhibition “Ancient Nubia Now” in the Gund Gallery, LG31, to see gold objects and jewelry. Upstairs, in Shapiro Family Courtyard, make your own piece of jewelry to celebrate the golden light of the sun.

Infinite Light

10 am–4 pm, Education Center in Druker Family Pavilion, Room 160

In Gallery 273, find the bronze Altarpiece with Amitabha and Attendants. Amitabha is the Sanskrit word for infinite light; this Amitabha Buddha is said to come from the land of endless light. In Room 160, create your own mixed-media sculpture as you imagine a special place filled with endless light.

Book Signing

Riley the Museum Dog Book Signing and Scent Training Demonstration

Monday, December 30, 11 am–Noon, Shapiro Family Courtyard

Meet special MFA volunteer, Riley the Museum Dog! Watch how he uses his sense of smell to find bugs hiding in the MFA, which helps preserve the art. Buy a book about Riley and have it signed by the illustrator, Ryan Huddle, and stamped with Riley’s paw print.

Always Available

New family labels around the Museum

“Women Take the Floor,” in Gallery 332: Frida Kahlo, Dos Mujeres (Salvadora y Herminia); Loïs Mailou Jones, Ubi Girl from Tai Region; Alice Neel, Two Girls, Spanish Harlem; and Rosalind Solomon, Mother and Daughter (Brighton Beach, New York)

Shapiro Family Courtyard: Yoshitomo Nara, Your Dog

Art Connections Activity Cards

Sharf Visitor Center

Pick up an Art Connections Activity Card and explore families, horses, powerful figures, and other themes throughout the Museum. Recommended for all ages. Available in English and Spanish.

A Guide to Family Fun at the MFA

Sharf Visitor Center

Pick up one of our free pocket-sized informational guides on visiting and exploring the Museum with kids. Includes tips, gallery games, and ideas for looking at and discussing art together. Available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

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