“God, love, death and dessert are the menu in ‘Domains of Wonder’…
a meal of avid moods and intense sensations.”
—The New York Times

Enter the “Domains of Wonder” and explore how vibrant religious and cultural contexts informed the rich history of painting in India. From fourteenth-century paintings of Jain saints and religious manuscripts from Gujarat to vivid paintings from Rajasthan and the Punjab hills that relate stories of Hindu gods and court ceremonies of local rulers, “Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting” is a breathtaking visual survey of 123 master paintings and two bound illustrated manuscripts conveying the beliefs and values of the diverse regions of India.

This exhibition places the artworks within traditional Indian systems of aesthetics, where viewing a painting inspires awe and wonder.

Podcast: Interview with a Curator


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“Domains of Wonder: Masterworks of Indian Painting” is organized by the San Diego Museum of Art.