Nagoya and Boston Exchange Children’s Artwork

The MFA’s longstanding relationship with the people and cultures of Japan has been enhanced by its sister museum partnership with the Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Through this exchange, children in Boston and Nagoya also engage in their own artistic dialogue through exhibitions of the children’s artwork. Young people ranging in age from ages 5 to 10 create works with themes related to special exhibitions from the MFA’s collection on view at the N/BMFA. The artworks reflect a variety of media—drawings, paintings, postcards, mixed media, and new media—and are showcased at both the MFA and N/BMFA. This year, children will be looking at the prints of Jim Dine, a local printmaker, whose prints contain such themes as robes and tools. This unique project links young audiences and celebrates an important international exchange between the two museums.

Last year’s project was a Word Exchange, which brought art and technology together. Children looked at four different landscape paintings and answered questions about the type of words the paintings evoked for them. The children’s drawings of the landscapes and their comments were made into a YouTube video.