Deborah Glasser, is a member of the Museum Council Steering Committee and while by day she works in the biotech industry, outside of work she is a passionate collector of African Art.

A finance and marketing graduate of The University of Chicago, Deb became interested in African Art while visiting the Continent over a decade ago. Working with a few dealers and auctions she slowly began to build her collection. After moving to Boston and joining the MFA’s Friends of African and Oceanic art group, she began the process of building true connoisseurship.  Learning from curators and other local collectors she continues to build a collection of masks and statues from Western and Central Africa.

Initially struck by the aesthetic of the art she now collects, she has assembled a library to understand the ethnographic details as well. In search of new additions to her collections she travels annually to art shows in the US and Europe and eagerly anticipates the May and November auction cycles. While her collection has expanded over the years, so has Deb’s participation at the MFA; prior to her current role as a Council Steering Committee member, she joined the Council early last year as a Fellow and has was struck by how “welcoming and approachable” everyone was to her. She has also recently joined the MFA’s Visiting Committee for the Arts of Asia, Africa and Oceania.

Image: an Akan alter figure (Ghana), courtesy of Deborah Glasser.   

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