Have you ever wondered who oversees the construction or art installation of all of the newly renovated collections galleries? If so, you have Tsugumi Maki Joiner to thank. She is the Head of Gallery Planning at the MFA and also a long-time member of the Museum Council. In her 16 year tenure with the MFA, she has managed such game changing projects such as the transformational building expansion and related establishment of the very popular Art of the Americas wing, as well as the 2011 renovation of the Linde Family Wing for Contemporary Art.

An alumnus of Tufts University / School of the Museum of Fine Arts, she is currently focused on the MFA’s gallery renovations projects. Of the 141 galleries on view, she has been in charge of 96 of the gallery renewals that have taken place since 2010! Tsugumi’s role is to continue to expanding the amount of square feet for the display of art and assist in furthering the Museum’s efforts to diversify the exhibits it presents and offers.


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Photo courtesy of Tsugumi Maki Joiner.