CHRISTINE KONDOLEON: Hello and welcome to the Museum’s galleries “Wine, Poets, and Performers in Ancient Greece.”  I’m Christine Kondoleon, George and Margo Behrakis Senior Curator of Greek and Roman Art. I’m thrilled to welcome you to the ‘Art of Ancient Greece’ mobile tour featuring nine outstanding artworks.

Each of the three galleries before you has a specific theme.  The Krupp Gallery presents Homer and the Epics.  The second gallery focuses on Dionysos and the symposium.  And the last presents the performing arts in ancient Greece. You’ll find the MFA Guide stops in each of these galleries.  By the end of this tour, you’ll have seen the many ways these different themes overlap in Ancient Greek culture.

The objects here are part of a rich storytelling tradition. During this mini tour, you’ll hear those stories firsthand through voices of the ancient world and those of the modern day, including spirited readings of Homer’s The Iliad and The Odyssey by a renowned Classics scholar, and the unique and illuminating perspective of a contemporary choreographer and dancer. The representations in these galleries give voice to words once recited and admired by the ancient Greeks.

To get started, select an artwork by tapping on the list on your screen.  Or look for the headphone icon on the wall and enter the three-digit number into your keypad. 

Be sure to find the object that is my personal favorite, a water jar for wine that features the hero Achilles at his most out-of-control moment when he drags the corpse of Hektor.  Don’t miss more of Dionysos next door in Gallery 213, the Roman Court, where you’ll see a sarcophagus with one of the liveliest representations of Dionysos and his followers. 

Enjoy your immersion into the wine and poetry of Ancient Greece!