Mark Comeau, or Markus Sebastiano as he is professionally known, is a contemporary artist specializing in digital printing, mixed media, Photoshop layering, custom stenciling, digital photography and metal fabrication who has been a member of the Museum Council since 2013.  For the past few years, Markus has been developing one-of-a-kind techniques now being showcased in his current works. His use of photographic prints overlaid on Plexiglass and layered with repurposed materials such as wood, metal, vintage newspaper, and recyclables, make for truly exceptional finished pieces.

Markus’ work was featured and sold at this past year’s Summer Party.  In addition, he has completed over 15 commissioned pieces for high end residential homes, businesses, and Boston’s best restaurants in the past year; many of them were the result of the networking and connections he has made while a Museum Council Member.

Markus’ work will be on display at the following upcoming gallery shows:

- Shared Gallery Show- El Taller Café- Lawrence MA- Feb 14th-March 14th

- Gallery Show at The Essex Art Center- Lawrence MA- March 14th–April 24th

- Solo Gallery show- Gulu Gulu Café- Salem MA – June 11th– July 11th


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Photo courtesy of Markus Sebastiano.