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Art in Bloom, the MFA’s joyful salute to spring, showcases fine art and floral design. Created to engage, delight and educate, Art in Bloom attracts both frequent and first-time visitors to the MFA. Presented by the MFA Associates, in collaboration with MFA staff, Art in Bloom philanthropically supports the mission of the MFA and the Associates.

MFA Associates invite you to

  • Support the Associates’ role in enhancing the visitor experience at the MFA.
  • Invest in special MFA and community programming made possible by your generous support.
  • Contribute to the celebration of Art in Bloom.

Art in Bloom begins on Friday, April 29, 2022. Tickets and reservations for group tours, in person and online, are available on March 2, 2022. Tickets and reservations for video tours and on-site ticketed programs are available April 6, 2022.

All contributors have our sincere thanks, and any level of contribution is gratefully accepted.


Donations of $100 and above received by March 1, 2022 will be recognized in the Art in Bloom program guide. Those received by April 16, 2022 will be recognized on the MFA’s website. All contributions are tax deductible.

2022 Individual Donors

Rose—$5,000 and above

  • Richard Charlton
  • Mimi Jigarjian
  • Nicole and Kevin Kelly
  • Cathy E. Minehan
  • Sue O’Brien
  • Rose-Marie van Otterloo
  • Judi and Ed E. Zuker
    In honor of Matthew Teitelbaum

Dahlia—$2,500 and above

  • Kate Enroth
  • Leslie Fraser Gold and Jody F. Clinger
    In memory of Alex Gold Jr.
  • Timothy T. Hilton
  • Elizabeth Johnson
  • Alia and Chris Sabbey

Lily—$1,000 and above

  • Laura Allen and Ken Lewis
  • Mary Lou Boutwell
  • Julie and Joe Bradley
    In memory of Steven O. Bresee
  • Britten Britt
  • Kim and Dennis Burns
    In honor of Nicole Kelly
  • Nancy Corkery
  • Dr. C. Russell De Burlo Jr.
  • Amy and Scott Goebel
  • Janet Hayes/Leavell Investments
    In honor of Nicole Kelly
  • Donna and Andrew Hosmer
  • Betsy and Steve James
  • Nancy R. Kolligan
  • Marianne Lee and William Sellers
  • Dorene and Tom McCourt
    In memory of Jean Flatten
  • Anne Craige McNay
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Philopoulos
  • Alexa and Robert Plenge
  • Carol and John Prentiss
  • Mrs. George R. Rowland Jr.
  • Bonnie and Brian Theise
  • Robin and Perry Traquina

Jasmine—$500 and above

  • Ric Corn and Janis Fox
  • Mary L. Cornille
  • Tenney Cover
  • Linda Cravens
  • Caroline C. Edwards
  • Karen A. Fitzgerald
  • Mary Margaret and Ian Graham
  • Polly B. Hill
    In honor of my daughter-in-law Susan Hill
  • Kate Hurley
  • Mark B. Kerwin
  • Margaret Lowry and Brad Steele
  • Lori and Ayaz Mahmud
  • Susan Meikleham
  • Sally Miller
  • Carla Morey
  • Casey O’Brien
  • Connie and Art Page
  • Joan Perera
    In memory of Judy Keyes
  • Margo Pullman and Chris Blatchley
  • Sara and John Rex
  • Christine Sampson
  • Gay Shanahan
  • Amy Shulman Weinberg and Robert Weinberg
  • Susan Weatherbie
  • Nina H. Webber
  • Elizabeth Hirschhorn Wilson and Bruce Wilson
  • Anonymous (2)

Iris—$250 and above

  • Barbara Aiken-Ali
    In honor of Nicole Kelly
  • Susan Alexander and Jim Gammill
  • Peggy Blumenreich
  • Charlie Boutwell
    In honor of Mary Lou Boutwell
  • Dianne Matukaitis Brown
  • Laura Carleton
  • Judy Carmany
    In memory of Diana Wells
  • Irene Chang
  • Connie Clarke
  • Michael Cocolla
  • Mrs. I. W. Colburn
  • Sandra Conrad
  • Mary E. DeLong
  • Gina and John Dineen
  • Susanne G. Dowdall
  • Mary Dunlap
  • Carolyn Ellis
  • Peter G. Fallon
    In memory of Ellen Fallon
  • Philippa Ferridge
    In memory of Kevin Keogan
  • Audrey Fitzgerald
    In memory of Hannelore H. Hamori
  • Beth Floor
  • Peggy Ford
  • Deb and Michael Giaimo
  • Anne Y. Harper
  • Rick and Susan Dunn Hill
  • Theresa and Michael Hluchyj
  • Roxanna and Jeff Hurst
  • Irene and Norman Jacobs
  • Mary M. Kemp
  • Marsha Lamson
  • Jennifer Landon
  • Lauren Huyett Interiors
  • Patricia Lawrence
  • Nancy and Phil Lotane
  • Trish and Jim Lucas
  • Jane and Alan Macdonald
  • Doris S. May
  • Andrea Meyers
  • Sandra O. Moose
  • Brigitte Moufflet
  • Marva Nathan
  • Chris Oliver
  • Beth Paisner
    In honor of Peter Matthews
  • Dina Peinert
  • Katharine Pillsbury
  • Carolyn and Dana Pope
  • Wendy Rayfield
    In memory of Ginny Ladd
  • Leslie Reed
  • Laura Rossinow
  • Angela Rowland
  • Carole Schneider
  • Dee and John A. Shane
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sharrino
  • Annie Short and Andy Briney
  • Pamela Shufro
  • Isabelle Slotine
  • Wendy and Vincent Spiziri
  • Lester Steinberg
  • Terri Stevens
  • Valerie and Harvey Thayer
  • Lorraine Vekens
  • Stacey Weaver
  • Margo Yie
  • Anonymous (2)

Violet—$100 and above

  • Pam Adams
  • Leslie J. Aitken
  • Claire Austin
  • Margaret Barr
  • Maria and John Bartlett
  • Martha Bednarz
  • Nancy D. Berkowitz
  • Margaret O'Brien Bernhardt
    In honor of Barbara R. O'Brien and Nicole Kelly
  • Joan Blair
  • Barbara Boles
  • Louise I. Borke
  • Marilyn Brady
  • Nina Burr
  • Jennifer F. Cabot
  • Mark E. Chadbourne
    In honor of Michael Cocolla
  • Mr. and Mrs. George A. Chamberlain 3rd
  • Susan Cohen
  • Barbara Compton, ’04
  • Ila S. Cox
  • Jennifer Lenox Craig
  • Charlotte Dixon
  • Katherine Doran
  • Christina Farup
    In memory of Merete Farup
  • Anne Feeney
  • Shelia M. Fitzgerald
  • Linda Freeman
  • Carol Gershman
  • Georgia Glick
  • Joan Gorton
  • Margaret Greenough and Joel Johnson
  • Janet Hafler
  • Jane G. Hall
  • Greta Hawley
  • Alice and Phil Hayen
  • Mary Ann Head
  • Kimberly Hokanson
    In honor of the Volunteer Working Group
  • Patricia Holland, ’04
  • Anne Marie Housel
  • Betsy Howerton
  • Joan Innis
  • Sharon Johnson
  • Katharine Childs Jones
  • Janet Josselyn
  • Meg and Paul Kasuba
  • Marilyn Kaszynski
  • Patricia Kelly
    In honor of Nicole Kelly
  • Margaret and John Kimball
  • Amy L. Kohan
    In honor of Becca Sher
  • Kay Kormushoff
  • Bob Kosturko
  • Karen Kelly Krowne
  • Beth and James Kundert
    In memory of Anne C. Ryan
  • Mimi LaCamera
  • Leslie Lee
  • Patricia K. Lescalleet Lashley
  • Ella Litvak
  • Michelle Lord
  • Joanna Lu
  • Marilyn MacLellan
  • Karen N. McFarlan
  • Sharon Merrill
  • Stacy Miller
  • Francesca Morselli-Sinnott
  • Christine Murcott
  • Susan Murray
  • Kathleen Norman
  • Donna Owen
    In memory of Donald W. James Sr.
  • Mary Ann Pappanikou
  • Penny and Bob Paquette
  • Sally Patrick
  • Christine Paxhia
  • Starrie Pearson
  • Bo Perkins
  • Carol Phelan
  • Susan and Wilson Pile
  • Marianne Pitkin
  • Dale Pollock
  • Lisa Ramey
  • Nancy Randall
  • Sally and Jeff Redmond
  • Nancy Regan
  • Stephanie Reid
  • Margaret Shean Ris
  • Tamara Elliott Rogers
  • Aline Harwood Rubin
  • Helen Chin Schlichte
  • Nina and Eli Schneider
  • Joanne Seiden

    In memory of Myron Allan Seiden
  • Carolyn O. Shannon
    In honor of Mary Ellen O'Hara, ’94
  • Susan Shephard
    In memory of William Brady Shephard
  • Becca Sher
    In memory of Arlene L. Green
  • Julian Sherwin
  • Jane and Jim Shulman
  • Deb and Ted Sigman
  • Phyllis D. Sims
  • Hon. Sarah B. Singer
  • Sandy Smith-Garces
    In memory of Nancy Yolanda Smith
  • Betty W. Stone
  • Maryann Street
  • Marmee Taylor
  • Jacqueline Thompson
  • June and David Wallace
  • Susan Walling
  • Leslie Wengenroth
  • Emi Winterer
  • Anne-Marie and Tom Woodhouse
  • Beverly and John Woodward

2022 Pedestal Donors

  • Leslie Aitken and Jonathan Treat
  • Barbara Lawrence Alfond
    In honor of Mark Kerwin, former MFA Deputy Director and Chief Financial Officer
  • Barbara Lawrence Alfond
    In memory of Irma Lampert, Class of 1964
  • Altid Enterprises, LLC
    In memory of Janet McCaa
  • Anderson’s Jewelers Wellesley
  • The Augustin Family
    In memory of Rosalind Merrill Augustin
  • The Bauman Group
  • The Chobee Hoy Group COMPASS
  • Nancy Corkery
    In memory of Nancy Pierson Corkery
  • Nancy Corkery
    In memory of Anne Braitmayer Webb
  • Dana Hall School, Class of 1991
    In memory of Ms. Elaine Betts (1926–2021), Dana Hall Headmistress 1984–95
  • Abbie DiMatteo
    In honor of The Drapevine
  • District Real Estate Advisors
  • Edith Syrjala Eash
    In memory of my mother, Rachel Syrjala, a member of the Ladies Committee Class of 1962
  • Esplanade Association
  • Faithful Flowers
  • Ferrari of New England
  • Fiduciary Trust Company
  • Friends of the Public Garden
  • Friends of the Travis Roy Foundation
    In memory of Travis Roy
  • Michael and Iris Gaines
    In memory of Pauline McAfee
  • Becky and David Hamlin
    In memory of Carolyn Buck Moore
  • Melissa and Frank Hanenberger
  • Howland Capital
  • Howland Company Inc., General Contractors
  • Jacobson Floral Supply
  • Julia, Molly, Meade, and Susan
    In honor of the lasting friendships from the MFA Associates Classes of 2002 and 2008
  • Heather and Robert Keane (2)
  • Land Rover Hanover
  • Maltby and Company, Professional Arborists since 1949
  • Marble Harbor Investment Counsel, LLC (2)
  • Marisa and Roger McCoy
    In memory of Tina Morrison
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Palfrey
  • Kevin and Nicole Picard-Kelly
    In loving memory of Mr. and 
 Mrs. André Picard
  • Alexa and Robert Plenge
    In honor of our mothers, Kathey and Linda, who love art and gardening
  • Reeds Ferry Sheds
  • RhumbLine Advisors
    In memory of J. D. Nelson
  • Roslindale Pediatric Associates, PC
    In honor of the retirement of beloved pediatrician David J. Scheff, MD
  • Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr, LLP
  • ScrubaDub Auto Wash Centers
  • Susan Shephard and Jim Marchetti
    In memory of William Brady Shephard
  • Jane and David Stiller
    In memory of Molly G. Stiller
  • Suburban Lawn Sprinkler Co.
  • Verrill
  • The Wadyka and Doran Families
    In loving memory of Christina Susanne Wadyka
  • Susan Wheelwright and Elisabeth James
    In honor of Joseph Wheelwright
  • Wisteria & Rose
    In memory of Nonnie Burnes
  • Anonymous
    In honor of the Associates Class of 2024 for their outstanding dedication to the Museum

2022 Contributors

Art in Bloom Professional Designers

  • Ikebana International, Sogetsu School
  • Ilex Designs
  • JNG Event Consulting
  • Merriweather’s Flowers
  • Mimosa Fresh Flower Design
  • New Leaf Flores
  • Orly Khon Floral
  • Shawmut Communications Group
  • Sue Kaplan Events and Lectures