Ages 3-5

Interior Design
Explore some of the period rooms in the Museum while thinking about what each space might have been used for and who might have lived in each one.
Activity: Sketching in the galleries and creating a room diorama with mixed media elements.
Instructor: Kara Stokowski

Ages 6-8

Raven Stole the Moon and Other Important Birds
Learn the story of the raven and the moon while taking a closer look at this and other birds found in the Museum’s collections that have important stories behind them.
Activity: Create a bird using model magic and feathers and add it to a diorama depicting where it lives.
Instructor: Sarah Pollman

Ages 9-11

Greek Vessels
The Ancient Greeks sculpted vessels on a wheel and were masters at depicting the stories of their gods and goddesses using a black on red or red on black painting technique on the
surface. Take a closer look at some of these vessels to discover stories and how images are both drawn into the surface and shown through contrasting colors.
Activity: Create a black-on-red narrative vessel using red clay, paper, and clay tools.
Instructor: Gianna Stewart


Discover how animals are used as symbols throughout art history.
Activity: Create small animal sculptures out of multi-colored polymer clay.
Instructor: Philana Brown

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