Ages 3-5

Wild Animals
Explore the Museum to find as many pretend wild animals in paintings and sculptures as possible.
Activity: Make an animal mask using different textures and collage materials.
Instructor: Kara Stokowski

Ages 6-8

Coil pots
Look at examples of ceramic pots made across cultures and time periods and discuss their similarities and differences.
Activity: Sculpt coil pots using self-drying terracotta clay
Instructor: Sarah Pollman

Ages 9-11

Printmaking: Linocuts
Explore the stone cuts of Follow the North Star from the printmaking cooperative at Cape Dorset and learn Inuit legends as told through these colorful images.
Activity: Linocuts using easy cut linoleum and carving tools
Instructor: Gianna Stewart


Cross Culture
See how artists borrow ideas from past artists and cultures.
Activity: Drawing in the galleries – create a drawing that borrows from the style of an artist that inspires you.
Instructor: Philana Brown

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Ticket Information

Tickets must be purchased in advance, and are only available for sale online. Tickets for the current week’s class are only available for sale until 11:59 pm on Sunday.

We regret that there is no make-up, refund, or rescheduling for classes missed by a child, even those due to inclement weather. Refunds are given only if the class is cancelled by the MFA.