Ages 3–5

Where I Live
Take a closer look at artwork from and about the city of Boston while thinking about the different types of buildings that we have in this city and what it looked like many years ago.
Activity: Make an accordion book and add some of your favorite places in Boston.
Instructor: Kara Stokowski

Ages 6–8

Making Decisions: Why This and Not That?
How do artists decide what to draw? Explore works in the Museum’s collections while trying to decide how the artists made the choices that they did.
Activity: Make and decorate your own sketchbook. Afterwards, use your viewfinder to help you decide what to sketch.
Instructor: Sarah Pollman

Ages 9–11

Identity: Portraits
Learn about portrait and self–portrait paintings while thinking about what facial expressions, clothing, and background can communicate about a person’s social status and personality.
Activity: Create your own self–portrait painting using canvas, acrylic paint, and mirrors.
Instructor: Barrett Grizzard


Switch up the art–making process! What happens when other people help you create art?
Activity: Create an abstract drawing on paper using geometric designs and patterns. Switch with a classmate, and cut and rearrange into a new drawing or sculpture.
Instructor: Philana Brown

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