Ages 3–5

Looking at the Sky
Take a closer look at big skies and clouds found in artwork throughout the Museum, and discover what the sky looks like at different times of the day.
Activity: Make your own watercolor landscape with crayon resist clouds.
Instructor: Kara Stokowski

Ages 6–8

Making Things Move
Explore the galleries to find artwork that is made from more than one part and imagine what it might look like in motion.
Activity: Make puppets with different moving parts
Instructor: Sarah Pollman

Ages 9–11

Animals in Art
Search for animals in the Museum’s collections while thinking about the different meanings and symbols that different cultures might have attributed to them. 
Activity: Create an animal form by shaping, embossing and decorating metal with colorful permanent markers, scissors, pencils, glue, and embossing tools.
Instructor: Barrett Grizzard


Curatorial Study
Observe how curators and designers create an experience within the Museum.
Activity: Curate your own show on a topic or theme of your choice using images from the Museum’s collections and architectural model making supplies such as artificial grass, wire, clay, and wood.
Instructor: Philana Brown

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Ticket Information

Tickets must be purchased in advance, and are only available for sale online. Tickets for the current week’s class are only available for sale until 11:59 pm on Sunday.

We regret that there is no make-up, refund, or rescheduling for classes missed by a child, even those due to inclement weather. Refunds are given only if the class is cancelled by the MFA.