Ages 3–5


Did you know sand is used to make cement, glass, and even paintings? Explore where sand comes from and how it is used in some of the artwork on view in the galleries. 
Activity: Create colorful sand “paintings.”
Instructors: Kara Stokowski and Alanna Woodlock

Ages 6–8

Postcards from the Past

What are postcards and how are they made? Take a closer look at the postcards on view in “The Art of Influence: Propaganda Postcards from the Era of World Wars.”  
Activity: Design and print a set of postcards using reductive printmaking techniques.
Instructors: Sarah Pollman and Molly Lamb

Ages 9–11

Art of the Portrait 

What can you learn about the subject of a portrait through how they are represented? Study how portraits portray people and how portraiture conventions have changed through time. 
Activity: Paint a distorted portrait. 
Instructor: Barrett Grizzard


Art Deco

Do you recognize any designs from the flapper era in the fashion world or architecture today? Explore objects at the forefront of one of the most popular movements of the twentieth century. 
Activity: Create an art deco-inspired design using sleek silver materials.
Instructor: Gianna Stewart

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