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Artful Adventures offers specially designed programs for groups of kids and teens. Taught by trained Museum educators, these customizable, interactive, and age-appropriate programs last 90 minutes and include close looking at objects from the collection in the galleries paired with a guided art-making activity. Artful Adventures groups are welcome to stay at the MFA after their program on Mondays and Wednesdays.

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Animals in Art

Search for animals in artwork from the Museum’s collection. Learn some of the hidden meanings and symbols behind each while discovering how artists have used a variety of mediums, textures, and colors to create each one. Then make a real or imaginary animal sculpture of your own using clay, wire, and mixed media!

Objects of Power

Discover some of the symbolism and meaning behind objects in the Museum’s collections that are believed to have helpful qualities such as special powers or protection. Then create your own embossed metal object such as a pendant, bracelet, or plaque that has a special meaning to you.


Big and small, abstract and realistic—the MFA is filled with many different types of paintings from around the world and across time! Take a closer look at examples from the Museum’s collection, focusing on one of three categories during your program: portraits, abstract paintings, or landscapes. Then create your own painting on canvas using some of the same tools and techniques.


Learn about portrait and self-portrait paintings while thinking about how facial expressions, clothing, and background can communicate the life and personality of a person or group. Then make a portrait adding clues and details of your own!

Abstract Paintings

What is abstract art? Does it remind you of anything you’ve seen before? Take a close look at art from the Museum’s collections with these questions in mind. Then make your own abstract painting using paint and other materials in different sizes and shapes.

Landscapes and the Natural World

Artists have been painting landscapes of real and imaginary places with colorful skies and scenic views for centuries. Explore some of the different techniques used to capture the beauty of the world around us, then paint your own!

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Access/VSA The Kennedy Center Program Site 2023-2024

This VSA program is provided in 2023–2024 under a contract with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.


Supported by the Michael D. Dingman Fund, the Pamela D. Adams Fund for Artful Adventures, the Richard W. and Marjorie S. Dammann Fund, the Mrs. Charles H. Taylor Fund, the William O. and Sally Taylor Fund, the Rieka, Samuel and Renée Rapaporte Fund for Educational Outreach for Youth and Families, the Kennedy P. and Susan M. Richardson Endowment Fund for Learning and Community Engagement, and the Bramhall Fund.

Meet the Museum Educators

Our instructors are a group of experienced educators and artists who come from a variety of places and perspectives.

Learn more about the Museum Educators who lead Artful Adventures tours and drop-in art making for visitors of all ages.

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