Documentary directed by Seifollah Samadian (Iran, 2016, 76 min.). DCP.

Abbas Kiarostami was a prolific Iranian filmmaker known for mixing documentary and fiction to create beautifully ambiguous films. This documentary tribute to Kiarostami weaves together 76 minutes and 15 seconds of his life and work. It was directed by Seifollah Samadian, one of Kiarostami’s closest collaborators, who collected the footage over 25 years of friendship. For a sample of Kiarostami’s masterful cinema, catch his Palme d’Or-winning film Taste of Cherry screening on January 20 and 22.

Take Me Home by Abbas Kiarostami (Iran, 2016, 16 min.).

In southern Italy, a little boy drops his football at the top of a stone stairway. As the ball bounces downwards, our eyes are drawn along with it, pausing on each stair. Each perfectly framed tableau could stand on its own as a work of art.