Breathe (Respire) by Mélanie Laurent (2014, 91 min., Blu-ray). A nuanced story of the depths and escalating passions in female friendships, Breathe is Mélanie Laurent’s (Inglorious Basterds) assured adaptation of the sensational French young-adult novel of the same name. Teenage friends Sarah and Charlie develop an intense friendship: Sarah provides Charlie with a jolt of life she so desperately seeks, and Charlie is a stable influence on Sarah. Through shared secrets, love interests, and holiday getaways, their relationship deepens to unspoken intimacy. But with intimacy comes jealousy and unrealistic expectations, and the teens soon find themselves on a trajectory toward an inevitable and extraordinary collapse, one so jarring neither could have seen it coming. “Laurent offers a compelling, superbly acted portrait of an adolescent friendship perched on the brink of obsession,” Variety. In French with English subtitles.