Four Seasons, by Sedat Mirdesli (Animated Short, 2015, 4 min.) This animated film portrays one year of a prisoner spending his time with a rose which bloomed out of a crack in his cell.

Angel, by Mizgin Müjde Arslan (Short, 2015, 10 min.) Ada is a young woman from Turkey who has come to live in London. While she struggles financially she works as a tailor and drama teacher. Her students put on a play. In their play there is a connection between game and death.

The Dream (Rüya), by Alper Akdeniz (Short, 2015, 15 min.) 19 September 1980. This is the life story of a village teacher, who tries to do his profession resisting to all challenges of life. He and his wife live in a remote mountain village and they are unaware of the military coup which just happened. Only a few vehicles per week arrive in the village. One day a vehicle brings in the newspaper dated September 12, 1980 and everything changes. In the village where even radio broadcasts can’t be received, everyone finds out about the coups by this newspaper.

Adem Başaran, by Orhan İnce (Short, 2014, 19 min.) The film depicts the story of a child who is forced to make a decision due to the changing life conditions after forced immigration.

In the Sky (Li Ezmanî), by Özlem Güler (Short, 2014, 7 min.) When Robin was still in his mother’s womb, his father was killed in an unsolved murder. Robin now searches for his father in the sky…

Rejection (Ret), by Demet Sever (Short, 2015, 11 min.) Ottoman Empire – the times of World War I. Salim, who doesn’t want to go into the army, tries to deceive the officers by pretending to be deaf.

The Jungle (Orman), by Onur Saylak and Doğu Akal (Short, 2015, 13 min.) In the heart of Istanbul, the forest of nothingness and a megacity, Omar and his daughter struggle for their lives after fleeing the war in Syria. In this city where people live all the pain and pleasures of the world, Omar, who was a cultivation officer in his home country, has become almost a beggar, trying to build his new life. He travels in the city with his daughter, asking for help from the others. The only job he could find for himself is collecting stray animals in the city and selling them to Fahri, the petshop owner. However, this time Fahri has a very strange request for Omar.