Story (Çirok), by Muhammet Beyazdağ (Doc., 2014, 23 min.) A documentary that opens closed doors and looks at the child weddings from the perspective of child grooms.

Father (Baba)by Cenkay Kılıç (Doc., 2014, 22 min.) Dhurba left his home as a boy and went to Kathmandu full of expectations. By his late 20s, he finds himself living a life full of disappointments. After a while he decides to leave the city and moves to a small village. He starts adopting orphaned children, but is soon plagued by problems here, too.

Between Seven Candles (Yedi Kandil Arasında)by Okan Başara (Doc., 2013, 47 min.) This documentary is about “Seven Churches” which were referenced in St. John’s revelations in the New Testament. It is an incredible adventure going back to 2000 years. Anatolia, which has been a haven to the oppressed for so long, at this time had opened its doors to the followers of Jesus. This is the story of the sad days which brought St. Mary, St. John, St. Paul, and the Polycarp to the Aegean… “Between Seven Candles.”