Non-Space: Collapse of the City as Commodity (Lamekan: Metalaşan Kentin Çöküşü), by İmre Azem (Doc., 2015, 12 min.) This film explores the ways in which the current construction-based economic growth strategy in Turkey has become a mechanism for destruction. While this economic program has turned the neighborhoods into investment tools of foreign and domestic capital, it plunders the cities, forests, water, and living spaces in general, and stamps all workers’ organizing as a threat.

The Inn (Han), by Çağrı İşbilir (Doc., 2015, 21 min.) “Büyük Valide Han,” constructed in the 17th Century, is an Ottoman cultural heritage situated in Çakmakçılar Yokuşu, Eminönü. Its architectural structure has been exposed to constructional operations which have caused deformation for the last century and there is not much care to protect that building nowadays. Valide Han gets damaged and worn out day by day. How much longer will this building stand while it is consuming its lifetime rapidly due to the unnatural conditions?

Hey Neighbor! (Komşu Komşu Huuu!), by Bingöl Elmas (Doc., 2014, 54 min.) A monster called urban transformation continues in Turkey for the last few years. Haunting the neighborhoods, this monster destroys whatever is left from the history, erects glass towers everywhere and swallows what few trees are left. While this monster is at work, the old and the new, and the rich and the poor, start to become neighbors. This film is about the relationship between a shanty and an apartment building in this neighborhood.