Directed by Camila José Donoso (Mexico/Chile, 2017, 71 min.).

You’d never know this is your home away from home. The surveillance camera outside shows a drab reception area and an unremarkable street in Mexico City; inside, the lights flash, but the tables are empty. Yet preparations are soon underway and fixed categories cease to apply: stubble is removed, make-up applied and strands of hair are teased into place; the camera is trained not on the men themselves, but what they see in the mirror. There’s time for a lesson before the festivities get going, to practice walking, consider the letters of the alphabet, think about what sort of girl to be. Music plays, drinks are served and the last boundaries are suspended: boundaries between man and woman, gay, straight and bi, past and present, reality and fiction. This utopia may be small, but the world outside can still catch up.

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Muxes directed by Ivan Olita

Produced for NOWNESS’ series DEFINE GENDER, a series exploring on how gender effects our lives. This documentary explores the world of Muxes, who are considered the country’s third gender- individuals who assigned male at birth but live lives as women, in the small town of Juchitan in Oaxaca, Mexico.

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