Citizen Ruth by Alexander Payne (USA, 1996, 106 min.). 35mm.

Before he directed Election, Sideways, and About Schmidt, Alexander Payne cemented his status as a master of indie comedy with the audacious Citizen Ruth. Laura Dern plays Ruth Stoops, an impoverished pregnant woman who is arrested (again) when she is found unconscious after huffing spray paint. Ruth’s luck seems to change when a Christian family pays her bail and welcomes her into their plush home, but there is one condition: she must carry her baby to term and become a poster girl for the pro-life movement. Things get more complicated when a group of pro-choice feminists attempt to coax Ruth to the other side. Caught in the crossfire between two camps of activists, the boozing protagonist plots her next move.

Also starring Burt Reynolds, Kelly Preston, and Swoosie Kurtz.

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