Fidelity by Baran Vardar (Turkey, 2016, 13 min.). Documentary.

Mehmet is the owner of a coffee house in a deserted village of only seven or eight people. Mehmet comes to the village every day, traveling at least an hour, to open his coffee house for the villagers. He doesn’t do this for the money, but out of loyalty to the village people, for whom the coffee house serves as a sanctuary and a source of sustenance. 

Son of the Mountains by Yavuz Selim Taşçıoğlu (Turkey, 2016, 17 min.). Documentary.

This is the story of Bülent Erkan, the son of the mountains. Erkan was born in the Yedigöl village in Ispirin, Erzurum. He once made a living as a shepherd. When he realized that the wildlife in his native land was diminishing day by day, he decided to take action on his own. Called the “son of the mountains” because he lives in the mountains most of the time, he takes photos of wildlife and shares them on social media to raise awareness and fight against poachers and bad environmental policies.

The Homeland by Aydın Kapancık (Turkey, 2016, 52 min.). Documentary.

The Greek people of Istanbul, who were forced to depart the city where they were born, left everything behind but brought hope with them as they settled in Greece. However, life in Athens for most was not as expected and full of disappointments. 

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