Directed by Bulut Renás Kaçan (2015, 23 min.).

Three seasons in the life of Fırat, who travels in the mountains as a shepherd.


Directed by Enver Arcak (2017, 28 min.).

One of the earliest Jewish communities in Anatolia is located in Ankara. Its history goes back to the 2nd century BC. After the migrations in the 15th century from Spain and Portugal, and later from Germany and other European countries in the early 20th century, the community had reached its highest numbers. The documentary tells the untold story of this community through interviews, diaries, and family photographs.

Mana Mou Istanbul

Directed by Nihan Arısoy (2017, 65 min.).

The dynamic of traumatic memories plays an important role in shaping behavior. Certain memories and thoughts are suppressed for the sake of well-being, but also in order to adapt to society. The issues of grief and loss are central in the psychoanalytic explanation of depression. People are depressed because of their loss—but their real loss goes far beyond their actual loss. The process of mourning is very different for everyone. What is lost leaves an empty space that must be filled, causing a person in grief to crash violently on the rocks of the reality principle.


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