David, In Brief 

Documentary directed by Jeffrey Braverman (USA, 2017, 16 min.). Digital. Massachusetts premiere.

While working on a photo project about gay and trans men, Jeffrey Braverman comes across a pair of boxer briefs silkscreened with the Renaissance’s most iconic family jewels (belonging to Michelangelo’s David). He begins to interview art historians, religious scholars, activists, and thinkers within the LGBTQ community to learn about the story behind the statue and explore what this chiseled figure has to offer those of us struggling with our own modern-day Goliaths.

A Day in Rome

Documentary directed by Valerio Ciriaci (Italy/USA, 2017, 31 min.). Digital. Italian with subtitles. New England premiere.

A Day in Rome is an intoxicating short documentary chronicling a day in the life of Rome’s Jewish community. Roman Jews have lived there since the days of the Empire and have developed their own unique set of traditions. Taking place over the course of one day, A Day in Rome provides a view into a way of life that is at once uniquely Roman and distinctly Jewish.

Death Metal Grandma

Documentary directed by Leah Galant (USA, 2018, 13 min.). Digital.

Meet Inge Ginsberg: grandmother, Holocaust survivor, talented composer, avid poet … and death metal singer. 

Leave of Absence

Directed by Moshe Rosenth (Israel, 2017, 18 min.). Digital. Hebrew with English subtitles. New England premiere.

When his daughters accidentally dye his hair a ridiculous yellow, Meir, a middle-aged high school teacher, escapes his chaotic house. He runs into a group of former students who invite Meir to join them, plunging him into a night filled with rebellious energy.

Wendy’s Shabbat

Documentary directed by Rachel Myers (USA, 2017, 10 min.). Digital. Massachusetts premiere.

While mourning the loss of her husband of nearly 60 years, Roberta Mahler sought to connect with her Jewish community. She did so, surprisingly, at her local Wendy’s.

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